Charlie Stross's CCC talk: the future of psychotic AIs can be read in today's sociopathic corporations


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Cool. Look forward to listening to this. Always enjoy Charlie’s thoughts. But I’m pretty sure Philip K. Dick and his fellow travelers saw this trap coming half a century away.



Just think of an AI automated civil service, implementing a bazillion contradictory regulations and policies, driven to maximize certain narrow statistics.

Then imagine someone like Trump and Co dumping new directions on it without knowledge (or care) of the side-effects.


Well, Cory, if Charlie’s talk is as interesting and insightful as your writeup of it, I look forward viewing it!



…after all, you can make someone pay attention to you by driving them nuts, something that’s often easier than pleasing them.

Hey I learned how to do that back in third grade!


Fondly Fahrenheit…


He’s going to post a transcript on his website when he gets home on the 1st, too - which should be faster to get through than a nearly hour-long video.


Thanks! Reading goes much faster and anyway I need to get back to reading Antipope. :slightly_smiling_face:


Must have read it it three times over more decades - never gets old.


wrote to charlie stross about his podcast which was so entertaining includes a legal minefield on flying cars probably got into junk mailbox :frowning:


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