Roger Stone plans to sue Twitter


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Now if they only had the balls to ban the other chief sociopath on Twitter, Donald Trump.


And now it’s



Because you can’t be a conservative voice without calling people cocksuckers.

I mean, it’s not like they’re going around banning George Will or William Buckley.




This is one way of my proudest Twitter moments.


One down. A few million to go.

Here’s your cookie, Twitter, now get to work.


He misspelled “covfefesucker.”


(not suggesting that people need to pretend to be German; pointing out that Twitter could institute a Nazi ban, but choose not to)


I really thought that last link would be to



This is like trying to sue McDonald’s because they kicked you out for loudly insulting other customers.


LOL - good luck with that, buddy.


And really bad hairplugs on his front


There is a public interest of knowing how the commander in chief thinks, even if you’d sleep better if you didn’t.


I love to dunk a covksucker in to my morning covfefe.

@Papasan Why has he got a tattoo of Jimmy Carr on his back?


Another self-described Real American Patriot who doesn’t understand how the First Amendment works.


He’s probably not too clear on the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 13th either.


Love can be that way…