Roger Stone plans to sue Twitter


Peewee’s evil twin

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I am loving this alternate reality idea of what Free Speech is. I mean, he’d be right if Twitter was owned by the US Government.


Maybe even not then.

Free speech still has reasonable time and place restrictions. If you go yell horrifically offensive things on a random street corner eventually the cops will turn up and stop you. Those Nazis in Charlottesville had to get a permit for their march. Maybe even if there was a public social media option it would still hand out suspensions and bans for some expression.

Admittedly the analogy to using physical public space is weak because restrictions on the use of that space acknowledge that you aren’t the only one with rights whereas on something like Twitter you aren’t crowding others out when you say your piece. I’m not so much arguing he would be banned from government-twitter, just that even (especially?) when it comes to the government we have to remember that other people exist too. Contrary to what Stone seems to think, the whole world doesn’t exist solely for the purpose of rich, entitled assholes spouting off.

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Something about this guy gives me the feeling his closet contains a set of fitted white sheets with a matching pointy hat.

I have no clue why Twitter tolerates Trump on their platform. Why can’t they just say, “in the interest of world peace and domestic tranquility, we have asked President Trump to use the many public and private communications outlets that are available to a person of his wealth and station.”

Then revoke his keys, but keep everything that he said up for the record. Maybe let him back in after his term is over.

If they felt the need to be “fair” about it, they can add a No Presidents Rule to their terms and conditions.

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Pardon my ignorance, but what is “speechcropping”?

I think he’s worth something like $2 billion to them.

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Sharecropping, but for speech instead of goods. You get to work the land/platform and get access to the market/audience, but in return the landlord gets most of the value of your crop/speech.

It’s nothing fancy, just a cute term I throw around when people demand “free speech” on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, to show why that’s a futile misunderstanding of what we are doing there. Twitter will never be our speech, in the same way a sharecropper will never own the land.


I was curious about your claim, but yeah (, $2 billion. That would be a hell of a crowdfund campaign, but who knows?

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Funny; I originally read your post as sharecropping not speechcropping, but I still grokked your point.

No one is entitled to a platform to disseminate their freeze peaches.

That said I cant wait until this frivolous law suit gets thrown out… or better yet goes to court somehow, and Stone gets his ass handed to him.


Pretty unseemly for a man his age to even use Twitter…

Needs re-reading, decadely.

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Ahh, so they’re afflicted by a similar strain of greed and cowardice as the GOP. Yay, go USA!

This seems wholly consistent with a Principled Conservative™ understanding of private property and freedom of association.

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You know that you have a real quality person when they openly venerate Nixon, rather than just worshiping a thoroughly ahistorical fever dream of St. Ronnie.


So, government should curtail the ability of large tech companies to govern what can be found on the Internet.

Kinda sounds like he’s for net neutrality.

Who does he work for again?


I love how conservatives call people snowflakes when they point out the power imbalance corporations have over the Internet only to decry it when the same corporations start using it on them. It just proves to me conservatives don’t care about rule of law, fairness, or even their economic theories. They just want to force everyone in lockstep to follow along with their demands. When the Fairness Doctrine was impeding their attempts at indoctrinating people they tore it down. And now that such a thing doesn’t exist to protect them on the Internet where they’ve failed to capture the mind share of the younger generations so they want to ram rod it down their throats. It’s really pathetic, IMO.


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