Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane 2-Pack

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Looks like it could be easily scaled up to something slightly bigger, capable of carrying a camera or other sensor package. Maybe even to a powered styrofoam glider. Bigger battery, motor and propeller, and maybe a bigger motor driver (the upgrade may not even be necessary if we sacrifice some flight performance and climbing agility). The rest of the avionics can stay the same. The minuscule size of the hard parts makes the device collision-safe, too.

With a souped-up antenna, the range could be significantly extended, making it useful for cheapo surveys for e.g. real estate or agricultural/farm work (the latter with added bandpass filters for e.g. chlorophyll imaging). Because fuck FAA and its commercial nonsense.

Perhaps it could even tug a smaller glider, with a magnetometer sensor, for magnetic field surveys. (Needs to be far from the power plant of the machine to avoid interference, hence the glider.)

Nice toy with a high potential to become useful, I’d say.


Sure, the micro-gliders are $30, but the paper airplane kit (that doesn’t include the airplane!) is $80?



Freakin sweet, but fuck two for $80.

One for $25, sold.


So what you are saying is that it would be great if it was completely different?

I’m sold!!


Virtually all electronics, perhaps expect the motor driver and the motor, would be intact. The optional camera module would be added on top, completely separate, part of the payload.

Most of the proposed difference, the completely different part, would be the airframe.

Here you go. Better control, too.


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