Smartwatch cancelled after 6 days in stores


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That is really a shame, I’m looking forward to other quality entries in the smart watch sector. The round display is cool, I’d like to see more advances like this in consumer gear.

Sounds like things got our of hand, they lost face, and now have to watch their stock plummet, what poor timing, i hope the part vendor gets more then a slap on the wrist.

(ducks and scampers away before people realize they were just subjected to some pretty bad punishment!) :slight_smile:


like this one

it was a boring advertisement, we’re still awaiting @frauenfelder’s exhaustive test report : )


I know this is silly but I don’t like the Apple Watch because it’s rectangular! I prefer a round bezel.


There’s a Clock on your phone!!!


Is my phone on my wrist? I’ve worn a wristwatch since I was 6 and will never stop. Pure convenience and zero downsides.


I’m not making fun, just an excuse for a light hearted Kimmie Schmidt joke. I am personally just not an… Adornment?.. Sort of person. I wear glasses cause I am not a candidate for lasik, but besides that no rings, piercings, watches, tattoos, etc.

I do have my grandfathers pocket watch though. Ironically it is from the grandfather that didn’t crash a train, but it was the exact type he would have used.


Have you loosened the band at all?


Dammit, tell the train story already man!!!


Sorry for being that jumpy, I have yet to eat anything today.

Totally agree about the adornment thing. My glasses are the most minimal on the market. But a watch on the wrist is a must for me as someone using public transportation every day.


Oh, I didn’t think you were jumpy at all! Internet high five!


I’m on my sixth watch now, and this one has an infinitely adjustable strap! I also take the watch off when I go to sleep.


#I. Am. Looking for it!!

(Although that’s basically the whole ‘story’, but the footage is neat)


Do you know this for a fact, or are you just reporting second-hand information?


I stopped wearing a wristwatch in 2001. I worked in a psych hospital, wristwatches are just another handhold for someone assaulting you, and it’d be a tough grip to break.

(Overkill now that I have a more mundane office job, but I just never got back into the habit. I have a pocketwatch for dressy occasions, but that’s it.)


I totally missed that $11 crap watch the first time around. So it’s $11 with free shipping that takes a month, or $15 with free shipping that takes a couple of days, and I’ve got a couple of Amazon gift-cards burning a hole in my pocket… hrm…


Seems like as good a time as any, to remind y’all of clock-spider:smile:


oh yeah, my grandfather didn’t go to the moon, and didn’t have super powers!

seconded! you have hour attention!


He crashed a train!! I’m looking for the footage!!


What?! If that’s a quote from LG, it’s no wonder they are having problems with the screen…