Smoking is good for you, under very limited circumstances

Nope. Way to large for that as 00 buck would of been more common and that is twice the size if not a bit more. At the same time it also looks to small to have come from a buck and ball load, but as this is WW1 that would be extremely unlikely as it’s use dying off by the time of the American civil war.

Apparently, for legacy reasons that do date back to when ammo was cast-lead spheres, it is ball ammo; but ‘ball ammo’ doesn’t need to mean ‘sphere’ (and indeed virtually never does); but rather serves as a catch all for (usually, though not entirely necessarily jacketed) ammunition that isn’t designed to do anything special aside from hitting the target and doing kinetic damage.

That looks like the winner. 2 internets for you today, plus a bonus cyrus for your Wiki-fu.


That certainly looks like it would be it. My hat, if it were worn, would be doffed to you.

From that page it says shrapnel balls in WWI were typically “half-inch lead-antimony ball of approximately 170 grains”, which certainly looks like what is in the picture.

It also seems to me taking into account the fact that it didn’t deform at all - as fuzzyfungus points out - that it probably wasn’t going at extremely high velocity when it hit.Although the Antimony apparently hardens the lead somewhat, so that would affect the post cigarette-case shape.


I (slightly) know someone who has a rare condition for which self-administered nicotine inhalants are, in fact, one of the better treatments… and smoking is more dangerous, but (has been) a lot cheaper, than the purified form.

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Mythbusters did an episode where some pistol bullets were stopped by a standard metal lawman’s badge. They deformed, but were not penetrated. Pretty surprising result actually.

“A man should smoke. It acts as an expectorant and gives his voice a deep, gravely, masculine tone.”

Is it Parkinson’s disease? I’ve read a retrospective study that concluded that cigarette smoking is correlated with decreased risk of Parkinson’s. Although I doubt the signal was very strong. I can’t remember the sigma for it, but I have the feeling it was just over the threshold for statistical significance.
I know for a fact that smoking helps with my ADHD. But that’s ritual related. If my mind starts racing, I can slow down, make a cigarette, relax a little bit and have a chance to regain my focus.

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  1. Non-extinguishing cigarettes are a huge accidental cause of fire.

  2. If you smoke you don’t want any more chemicals in there.

  3. Self-burning papers make joints burn faster than you want.

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A fact that’s caught out at least one domestic terrorist.

Nice catch. Thanks for the info.

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