Snail eats lunch. It's weird


No, they’re just coming back out after having retracted when the one on the left was poked by the person feeding it.

I find this snail-eating video more unnerving (though in a more obvious way):


Are his little antennae an emotional reaction?

I’m groaning so hard. It’s a snail. It barely even has what can be classified as a brain.


Aren’t they technically eye-stalks and not antennae?


Clearly “gross” and “adorable” are in the eye of the beholder. I generally find snails to be adorable, with one exception…and I thank @Beanolini for that. I like snails because their slow nature always seems so genteel. I didn’t know some were capable of terrifying speed.

Yes but you might feel differently if you were 12 mm tall.

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I dunno… These Zombie snails seem pretty gross too:

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Apparently, yes, they are eye-stalks in land-snails, but tentacles in the broader context.

Well y’all can just rock me to sleep tonight.

Technically it doesn’t have a brain at all, but rather several collections of neurons called “ganglia” – rather than a centralized system, different parts of its body are controlled by different ganglia.

Just give it a scarf, maybe a blue punk haircut and it’ll be there:

He’s not a snail. Nope. He’s just a worm. Now come inside and meet the missus.

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That is an excellent gif and I foresee making much use of it in future.

But I thought the whole point of snails was that they digest things by running over them? And this one just has a regular mouth like a normal animal?

All snails have mouths. Maybe you are confused by the name “gastropoda” (stomach foot) which is the taxonomic group containing slugs and snails? That’s just because their foot is attached to their belly, not because they eat with the foot or anything.

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