Snapchat apologizes for and patches leak that exposed millions of users' data


I, um, don’t think that I’m at much risk of overdosing on heartfelt sincerity on this one…

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Makes me still not to use the app anymore. If they think that with their update to unlink usernames and phone numbers will solve anything, it won’t really.

Yup, switched to Wickr. Miss the funness of silly drawings, but still don’t intend to ever use snapchat again.

I’m too old to be with it on apps. So when folks said I should get snapchat, I thought I’d give it a go. Then said folks snapchated me and my spouse pictures of anatomy I had hoped to never see. We are not lovers, or have any kind of relationship of that kind. I deleted snapchat after that. I still have no idea if they know they had drunkenly sent me these pictures. I have to see them again. OMG, the awkward.

Depending on your platform, TWIT has some pretty sweet weekly shows to keep you “with it”.

all about android:

ipad today

ifive for the iphone

Also, the idea of snapchat is fucking stupid. If someone’s sending me something, I want to be able to look at it again. Since cameras are god damn everywhere and you can screenshot the image anyway, there’s no absolute guarantee that it won’t get out.

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Isn’t that the whole point of Snapchat? Serious question as I genuinely cannot see why else anyone would use it.

In general, it seems like Snapchat is advertised as the app which lets you send anything because the pictures are deleted as soon as they are opened … so basically people think they can get away with sending stuff like naked pictures. The problem is that people can take screenshots of whatever you send to them.

That’s the part I didn’t understand. I kept telling my “tech savvy” friends you could just screenshot things, so what’s the point. They kept trying to sell me on this as being “more secure”. Turns out I’m old, but I’m right.

Thanks for the links. I love it!

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