Snap employees used the company's internal 'SnapLion' tool to access Snapchat user data

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Abuse happened at Snapchat a “few times,” staff tells Motherboard

I see that even basic Latin is not a requirement for working at snapchat.


Unless the databases have been modified to privacy by default most or all the data is in plain text, this is pretty standard and one of the things we will look back on and say ‘what were we thinking?’

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I honestly don’t know what party I’m supposed to be outraged about. Of course the snaps stick around. That’s just how modern services work, and there are lots of legitimate uses for them.

The rule at Facebook was, “don’t look at anyone you know”, and it would throw big red banner pages if you tried to look at a friend of a friend, and it would be logged. You could do it, but you were supposed to get permission from the person. You can even switch your user to anyone. If you abused it you were immediately fired.

…and no one was surprised. [Just how many times must I write this phrase??]

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