Snapchat removes ad that asks people if they would like to "Slap Rihanna"

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Free press. That’s what they want. In the hopes of getting more users.



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I am of the impression Snapchat is primarily the domain of preteens showing their private parts to each other. Is that about it? Because is Rhianna still a topic among kids?

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Didn’t work for me. I didn’t even leave Boing Boing.

OH wow. That is bad.

However, before you hang SnapChat, I don’t think these mobile platforms always see every single ad that is ran. I have on more than one instance have some pretty racy ads run on E rated games. Like… S&M and Lolli tones for the worst ones, and sexual references in a dating game for another. When this happened for a game I know my kid plays, I sent them a message for them to look into it. If the ads were based off of MY age, fine. But if those ads are for all their users, they are going to want clean that up.

A got a response asking for more details, and in a few days I noticed they were no longer showing up. The ironic thing - the actual GAME CONTENT in some of the ads didn’t actually have anything to do with the racy content.

As for the ORIGINATORS of the ad - “Would you Rather” - WTF, dudes? That is where the ire should be directed.

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Maybe y’all should remove this fairly gross add from your own homepage. “Get Her Now” isn’t as bad as slapping, but pretty objectifying:


What do you have against Samsung?

OH wait…

But this just illustrates - people sign up to be part of an ad network - they don’t manually approve all the ads.

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Don’t ads typically end up being generated based on a user’s own search history and previously visited sites?


Ah, now that is a can of worms to be scared of for some people. Responsible for their own targeted ad types? The horror!


I think that some of them are influenced. Depends on the platform.

Not enough, though. Otherwise mine would be all Star Wars all the time. That Daz3D skin/model would be a bitching Stormtrooper or Boba Fett. Maybe it is - I dunno - I run adaware.

And like in my example above, the ads were far from my interests.

ETA - Several years ago a gay friend posted a topic about Putin and ended with “Oh well, there’s nothing I want in Russia anyway.” And I posted, “Really, nothing?” with a pic of a hunky Russian sailor. And I ended with “I hope this made you laugh, because now I have ‘Gay Russian Sailor’ in my search queries, and god knows what ads I will get now.”



What if the ad hadn’t mentioned Rihanna, and just asked people if they would like to punch Chris Brown?

Still not ‘okay’; even though I personally happen to think dude has a very punchable face.


It was a grim joke, but In Chris Rock’s new Netflix special, when he’s describing the judge at family court asking for photos of the fridge to prove he’s got food for his kids, Chris goes What have you heard about me? I’m Chris Rock, not Chris Brown!


“Family court?”

Rock got divorced?

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Yup. About half the special was about it.

And you could tell that while the crowd was mostly with him, he was a few miles past giving a fuck. That trademark mischievous grin was much less on display.

Still worth watching though, IMHO.


Bummer for him, but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming; just going by some of the content of his standup over the years.

When one of your feature films is about being discontent and feeling tempted to be unfaithful and is entitled
I Think I Love My Wife… well, let’s just say that doesn’t bode well for the future.

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This almost reads to me as if it was a hyperbolic account of the survey results.

The trope of Pagliacci the Sad Clown is unfortunately not far from the truth. Comedians seem to have troubled lives at a disproportionate rate.