Snappy response to sexist harrasser


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I believe in you! :smiley:


*an asshole.


The inevitable problem with responding to harassers is that it gives them a sense of importance. That’s why I love the form letter appearance of this response, and I hope it gets copied and used frequently. It can be sent without even thinking, which sends the appropriate message of, “I’m giving your views all the thought they deserve.”


Make it a form letter: "Dear $ASSHOLE… " and fill in scores as required, with an aspirational message at the end.

But (perhaps) after all nothing sends a more eloquent message than silence.

Correct grammar and punctuation is only one of 4 criteria this response should be judged on…


speaking of which the first sentence just scanned wrong for me. “as a woman in tech… i’m sure you…”. i thought she was referring to the recipient of the letter as a woman.

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Does my heart good to see people take a page out of Tina Fey’s book.

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Yes, the only improvement may be making it even more form letter like. I.e. check marks next to Bad Grammar, Narrative, etc. But that is a very minor comedic quibble :slight_smile:

On a more serious note I don’t know how we are going to solve the gender issues in tech and gaming. Even if we get them as good as general culture itself it will still be bad.

But at the very least encouraging women and girls to be in tech hopefully will reinforce what we all already know–dont dismiss, hurt, abuse, mock, or trivialize that which is different.

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Does anyone else want to read the original email? I realize it’s giving a troll a voice, which is exactly what she shouldn’t do. But, I still want to read the lame attempt…

Not really. They are all pretty much all the same. Really nothing more than a “yeah! What the last guy said” kind of thing. . Racist and sexist posters are not usually people who give a lot of thought about anything. Remember empty barrels make the most noise, but did you ever really care to know what inside the barrel was making that annoying racket. Same thing here.


Someone needs to do a study of these sorts of people.

I am very curious to see what the demographic breakdown is according to:

Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation

We all have a mental picture that these are 19 year old single white males. But, how true is that? Is there a drop off in this sort of behavior as they get older, and married? Is it, truly, that they just need to grow up? Are other nationalities more enlightened in their attitudes?

I would guess that since tech companies pretty much filled with young white males, any study would probably be show a preponderance of young white guys as offenders. You’d have to normalize for this. :wink:


No, you really don’t want to know what was in the original.

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One of the comments there wins the thread for use of the term “logical phallusy”. That’s spectacular.


And now we know what’s in the barrel making all that racket.

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OK, I clicked. And yeah, I felt a little worse about the universe for a second. But then I read the comments, and felt a lot better!


Do you mean this?

Someone posted it above. I can’t see any similarity, in fact I think Tina Fey’s response here is pretty weak.