Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson sing "Roll Me Up"

Originally published at: Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson sing "Roll Me Up" | Boing Boing


Snoop sings the first verse of the recorded version. Every verse has a different person singing with Willie. Snoop has a great singing voice. I think I recognized Kris Kristofferson on a later verse, but I’m not sure.


I really wanted to go to one of the Hollywood Bowl nights (with Emmylou), but I didn’t want to go alone. I thought about trying to get my friends to come along, which would have included their 16-year-old son. However, when we saw New Order and Pet Shop Boys last fall, their son complained about all the people smoking pot. I could only imagine how miserable he’d be at a Willie Nelson Birthday gig that included Snoop Dogg.


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