Snowmen are anti-Islamic, promote lust




I’m going to start putting shems in my snowmen.




All religion is stupid and pointless, episode number infinity.


Some Saudi clerics could use them too.

If you take the view that religion is the way a society discusses psychology and sociology before science develops (as I tend to) that’s a bit unfair. If you live in the West you probably got a free education, your armies are taught that massacring civilians is wrong, you have at least some degree of social services looking out for the poor in your society, and you possibly have free healthcare. Those things are the result of Jewish and Christian culture, the follow up on charismatic preachers like Jeremiah, Isaiah and Jesus.
Religion is still a major force in the world today. Some people, like the present Pope, the Dalai Lama and the Archbishop of Canterbury, try to harness it for beneficial ends. Some don’t. Until everybody is well educated in a secular society, we need to make use of religious impulses to improve things.
Richard Dawkins may think religion is stupid and pointless, but put him down in, say, Uganda, and see which does most good - his preaching, or the American Episcopalians who work with the locals to improve their healthcare and treatment of women, education, and to make their religion a bit more progressive.


While I find the idea that snowmen promote lust to be utterly ridiculous, and I don’t feel a lot of affinity for Islam - one thing I really do like about their culture is the avoidance of depiction of the human form. The increased focus upon the world around us, as well as the universal beauty of mathematics and geometrical forms.

This is because I find that, compared to most life forms, humans have an (IMO) masturbatory predilection for dwelling upon their own kind, and even using themselves as a measure of all things. So I see it not so much as a matter of religious humility, but rather, scientific humility. This is a perspective which I think is sorely lacking in popular culture. In academia, it is not so difficult to find great books which aren’t all stories about people - now try going to a cinema with the same frame of mind. People tend to be obsessed with the human image because they are mostly narcissistic and lack perspective about their place in the world.


The quote in the post is misleading. The clerk who issued the ruling that snowmen were un-Islamic did not justify his ruling because “it promotes lustiness and eroticism.” Rather the ruling was based on the prohibition of graven images in Islam, which has often been extended to any representation of a human form. The “lustiness and eroticism” quote is from a random commentator on Twitter that was quoted in the article, who could have been mocking the decision. See original article:


Pretty sure the level of snowman eroticism is entirely dependent on the placement of the carrot.


Obligatory joke I loved as a child:

What’s the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?


I can understand a religious prohibition on snowmen on the basis that they’re sorta kinda figurative, but the idea that they promote lust is…well, okay, just because I’ve never seen someone fucking a snowman I guess it’s possible. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Snowmen have peepers. Peepers to watch. To watch for a moment of weakness and then BAFF comes the knock in the head and we’re down!


I hope nobody makes a Snowhammed.


Now that I think about it, I am pretty much 100% certain I tried this once when I was a kid.


Wasn’t your partner a bit… frigid?


It all depends on the artist…



At first, until they found themselves melting in the heat of passion!


I have no recollection of engaging in any acts, but I’d be lying if I said 10-year-old me didn’t try his little darndest to make a sexy lady snowperson.


I do have to admit that I get that familiar tingle and wet my panties whenever I see a figure made of that lovely, cold snow. Mmmm. Snowphilia?


Frostbite, more likely. :joy:


“… it promotes lustiness and eroticism.”

Well. Now we know what body type turns him on, don’t we?

Btw, does it even snow in Saudi Arabia?


Niphophilia, I’d say. However, a brief search of paraphilias did not find anything matching any of the possible latin and greek variants. The closest I got to is Eucalyptus niphophilia and that’s a plant. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: It is “chionophilia” and it apparently actually exists. Hypothesis confirmed!