So Kung Fury actually got made... and released online

Not sure whether it is good or bad that it is only half an hour.
See it here on youtube or on Steam if you have an account for free.
It may not be good but it is neat to see that a small group of people can make their own movie and release so easily now.


I watched it last night and lol’d. It did what it wanted to do, maybe a couple of sticking points but whtaevs! Apparently the feature length version is on the way. I’ll be watching.

Also The Hoff music video is a cool accompaniment.

19A0’s FURY!!


When the arcade machine was giving the finger to the puppy, I knew I was watching something special. It delivered. :smile:

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I saw it a few weeks ago. It totally blew my mind. Non-stop parody and action. I love the simple beauty of saying “we’re going to make fun of every single trope, and we won’t even try to deliver a plot.”

For what it is, I love it, and have actually re-watched it several times.


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