Excellent '80s VHS-style trailer for 'Mad Max: Fury Road'


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Why is it every time I see something done like this they never mess with the aspect ratio? NO TRAILER ON VHS WOULD EVER BE LETTERBOXED/WIDESCREEN. You want to do this right? Go with less of your wanna be “aging” filters and 4:3 that thing from the get go.


That’s bothersome, I’ll admit.
Ditto with the flecks of dust and hair- that’s a film thing, not a VCR thing.

What I was really hoping for was some of the “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” level glitches and tracking errors.



This was fun, but the previously-linked GoT 80s TV show intro was better.


That animated GIF is rather distracting, and makes it challenging to watch anything else. Does the video really have all those jump cuts? I don’t remember 80s trailers defaulting to the sub-second jump cut all that much…


I’m still waiting for a Driving Miss Daisy: Fury Road trailer.


I miss you cellulose acetate.


Apparently xeni has never seen anything on VHS. The word you were grasping for, is “grindhouse”, not “VHS-Style”. If it were actually VHS-Style, it would have a bit of snow, and lots of tracking error, plus some really bad pan-and-scan, (because it wouldn’t be letterboxed). It would NOT have faded colors or scratches, or bad splices. That’s the hallmark of a movie trailer that been around the block a few too many times, and has been run through crappy projectors, and has been broken and spliced countless times.


Oh, you beautiful nerds. Carry on.

(is an 80s style trailer of a 80s-inspired movie going to far?)


If you are looking for retro VHS artefacts, this weeks Kung Fury masterpiece will probably please you muchly.


“Masterpiece” undersells it.


I don’t think the outrun-style music track actually works, and I love outrun/synthwave to death. It just doesn’t fit that well here. If you’re into that sort of thing, just search for all the music tagged “outrun” on bandcamp.com. That’s where most of it lives, and much of it is free.

Kung Fury, however, is the best 30 minutes of my life since my dad briefly gave me the keys to the family’s 5.0 litre Capri in 1984.


Every time i read Furry Road. I’m sure it will be made if it hasn’t already…


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