The trailer for Blade Runner 2049 in the style of the original Blade Runner trailer


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There seems to be some idea floating around these days that all film-based movies were blurry and had significant chromatic aberration.


I was coming here to say the same thing. Chromatic aberration != 80’s.


That was just North of awful.


While it was the 80’s that had more of a Cannon Group vibe specifically than 80’s in general.


Chromatic aberration filters are sooo 2016.


An anti DRM stance will sometimes do that.


Is this supposed to be a theater trailer or a VHS trailer? Because matinee notice + VHS tracking static = my kids asking if the 80s were “the olden days.”


That’s just outright lazy. Look what you can do when you don’t shy away from getting your hands dirty:

I made this using actual VHS recorder and other analogue methods.


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