Imaginary trailer: If "Avengers: Age of Ultron" came out in 1995


I don’t think CGI was that advanced in 1995.


No. No it was not. The super-slow-mo everybody-jumping-at-one-time shot, in particular, was unpossible back then. Also, needs a lot more “enhance.”

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Nope, it does not look like a VHS recording.

  1. Color separation. VHS does not do that. Old-school projection TVs can, but it’s never a simple, linear aberration. It’s usually complex, and always more pronounced at the edges of the screen. I used to fix these sets all day, I should know. I can’t tell you how many convergence amps I replaced - I made a tidy profit on installing maybe $20 worth of parts.

  2. Luma blowout. None to be seen. Again, this is usually a display artifact rather than a recording artifact, but… NTSC signals are not that clean.

  3. Badly done noise. It looks like they were going for a creased tape effect, but that’ll travel down the entire frame and will be accompanied by a characteristic buzzing noise. It’ll also pull the frame out of sync a bit, since the color burst will be distorted as well - the affected scan lines will usually have front porch “leakage”

  4. Scan lines. Really, scan lines?

  5. Chroma is way too crisp. NTSC sucks, and VHS was not a high-fidelity format. Chroma bandwidth is really limited, so subtle colors turn muddy. I’d have tweaked the curves a bit to simulate that bright and crappy 90s color that we all love.

Advice? Do the entire thing digitally, and actually run it through a VCR to get the degradation perfect. For bonus points, run it through multiple generations / technologies to really make it look terrible. It’d be faster and better. Sometimes practical effects can still trump CG.


I like you.

Technicalities aside, this fails my own personal “am I smiling right now” test, particularly compared the gold standard of ‘1995 style’ memes.


The 16X9 aspect ruins it for me.


I’m sorry, I don’t watch these types of movies, but this seems to be a trailer for a contemporary movie, but blurred and slightly distorted. I don’t get the point, and I don’t understand why it’s on BoingBoing. But honestly that’s getting to be the case more and more these days. A lot of the product recommendations just seen canned to me.

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@msaunier: Yes, I was going to ask if that color separation was an NTSC thing, apparently it’s not. Never seen it on a real tape in Europe, either.

Back in the 90s, tapes from the 90s were not 20 years old. The 90s actually had higher image quality than VHS tapes from the 90s have now.

In 1995, I had an S-VHS recorder connected to [my parents’] PAL TV. Quality-wise, a fresh recording made off TV was only slightly worse than the broadcast signal.

This is what a good S-VHS recording looks like (to be fair, the VCR used is a top-of-the-line model from 1996):

Also, back in the nineties, we had these places we went to see a new movie, especially if 90s analog TV quality wasn’t good enough for us. I think they showed movies in BluRay quality there.

In other news, rumor has it that ancient Rome did not actually look like this:

Latest theories suggest that the temples were originally built with a full set of columns. Some of them maybe even had roofs.


Too many thrones


Ah, yes, PAL. I envy you your proper transmission standards! Not your 50 cycle everything, but PAL really was the better format.

At least now we are all on DVB and don’t have to put up with analog anything anymore. I am oddly nostalgic for projection televisions, though. The quality wasn’t great, but the screen went ZZZZZZZZTTT! I can’t put my finger on it, but that really added something.

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Is it hard to get enough oxygen up there on your lofty perch?

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Insert 3D glasses now.

It’s imaginary. like I need to imagine what this youtube clip would look like?

Or 1959 - Planet of the Apes re-edited (and black-and-whited) as a Twilight Zone episode.

As the editor points out – both were from Rod Serling.

In 2004, you had to download it. Maybe you still can (I didn’t try today, although I know I used to have it on a hard-drive somewhere). I found pieces online:

All the audio, none of the video

Part3 audio + video

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I know Buffy and Angel featured that credit style. Was it really that common?

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