So long, MTV News

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I thought it was gone decades ago. I mean I assumed MTV was nothing but reality TV for the last 25 years.


It still existed?


Late 80s - Early 90s MTV News played a formative role in my life. There was plenty of fluff, but it was actually surprisingly good on a regular basis.


while i didn’t realize they even still HAD a news program, it’s definitely the end of an era.

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That’s how I feel about MTV as a whole. It’s like hearing an announcement that The DuMont Television Network is cancelling The Ernie Kovacks Show … in 2023.


So long!!!? It was gone before 2000 when they turned it into dumbass reality shows because some ass didn’t like the new music, I mourned mtv’s death long ago.

That’s what I though too. Who the heck would watch MTV news if they weren’t talking about the music industry?

They introduced the Brothers Quay to me via a very short music break animated by them. I had to see more, and the rest is history.

Cable TV didn’t make it to Australia until the 90’s, but from 81/82 one of the local channels packaged up a bunch of music videos wrapped in MTV’s facile commentary and broadcast it as a two hour show late on Friday night.

I was thrilled at the idea of another music show, but it turned out to be endless Christopher Cross and other assorted Yacht Rock.

What killed Mtv wasn’t reality programming per say, it was the lose of entertainment in 3 minute chunks. Showing 3 minute long music videos 24/7 for years helped shorten an entire generations attention span. To then ask everyone to start watching 30 minute shows about people you could only care about if you watched pervious shows was moronic. With the expansion of cable tv about the same time people went elsewhere to be entertained.

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