So what happens when women just accept compliments online?

Gweneth Bateman got tired of the negative response from men when she would ignore compliments from them.

The 18-year-old said most of the boys who criticised her felt they were owed a response and that she should be grateful for the compliment.

So she decided to record her interactions when she actually accepted those compliments.

The results are not surprising.


Without even reading the article, let me guess…things got worse instead of better.

Do I win something?


You win this Carlton dancing gif!


Awesome, thanks!

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What the actual fuck. Not that I’m surprised in the least. I’ve experienced this myself.

Women can never win when it comes to this: if you don’t take the compliment, you’re a rude bitch, if you do, you’re an arrogant bitch,

Whodathunkit? Dickheads are dickheads regardless of how you respond to them

How bizarre - amazingly cool way to go about understanding the weird ways people try to interact. She earns a billion internets! And not just because I say so. Major respect to those who deal directly with the odd contradictions of social protocol many take for granted.

Have I told you how lovely your comments look lately?


Eh, shut up, you lovely gentleman!

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From Dethklok’s official sexual harassment in the workplace video:

Male Klokateer: Is that a new belt? Female Klokateer: Yes, it is. Male Klokateer: [gets shocked immediately] AHHHHHHH! Facebones: Best to avoid all those compliments and continue working! Now let's watch that again without all those confusing compliments!

Words to live by facebones.


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