So what's this UrbanDaddy portfolio on my mobile screen?

It’s on my desktop too, which is even worse, because landscape… WTF.

I dunno about you, but it seems kinda intrusive.


Happydazerainbowworm seems to have infected most of the US-based servers. Interestingly, seems to affect users as well… Users who have kept their wetware updated appear to generate smiles and tears-o-joy, whereas, those who seem incapable of updating their wetware or have been previously infected with the dogmatic virus have been observed getting locked up in conniption fits.


I think he may be referring to UrbanDaddy portfolio.


Ah. Thought he was just playing curmudgeon for fun…


Hah, didn’t even realise WTF crenquis was on about for a minute there… I just arranged the screencap so this shitty banner took over the content like that; the ambiguity was unintentional.

Sif I’m not fucken stoked at less oppression / more freedom!

But can someone tell me how this super-annoying ad made it through Adblock Plus, let alone got the go-ahead to shit on readers’ amenity? Stealing vertical real estate should be bloody verboten.


ask @beschizza?

I think maybe someone else should be the one to ask; he was an epic douche to me the last time we spoke… and as you can probably imagine, my limited diplomatic abilities were no match for my rage at a Mod, let alone Editor, diving into the gutter to straw-man me like he’s some kind of left-wing Rush Limbaugh; that dude can really troll.

That was like half a year ago, and I still think twice about posting in his threads, let alone sending any likes his way.


Even if the existence of an ad there is intentional, this ‘UrbanDaddy’…thing…seems like an odd fit.

The scent is a liberal helping of social-marketing-bullshit; along with a somewhat over-paid flavor of what you’d expect to find on a PUA-focused subreddit. Their CEO isn’t quite as intrinsically punchable as Uber’s, at least; but that’s not a high bar to clear.


Added a filter to ABP for

On the phone, I guess I’ll just stop looking at the blog, and browse via the BBS.

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I’m blaming you when actual, weaponized, malware starts spreading through gay-marriage-related(pro and con, to hit all the targets) phishing spam, and the AV vendors identify it by that name in their definition updates. Sure, it’ll be heartwarming to have a more inclusive update to the retro classic ILOVEYOU worm; but it’ll still be a worm farm.


UrbanDaddy serves our ads. There’s no objection at all to you blocking ads you find unpleasant or intrusive. And don’t be shy to email us with your feedback, especially if an ad ever does anything inappropriate or malign.

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Quite a popular image, judging by the advanced state of pixel decay.

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Can you add a nbsp at the bottom of the mobile view so that the UrbanDaddy “bottom-banner” doesn’t block the older/newer articles link?

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It was plastered right across the YouTube embed on the road rage video for me.

Yes yes

That banner on the bottom of mobile page is INTRUSIVE

I noticed in work this gets through uBlock Origin as well, though noscript of course cuts it off at the knees.


Thanks for the response! Seems reasonable.

That’s a pretty intrusive ad, if anyone wants to block it just add a custom filter in your adblocker of choice and use the line:

Seems to do the trick for me.

Update: Needs a new filter rule now:[src*="urbandaddy"]

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