What is this ... urban-daddy footer on the parent page?

… I mean, I can see it’s blandly offensive… providing ‘high end experiences’ which is shorthand for expensive crap for people with no taste but a searing sense of their own long-term irrelevance… but, like… what’s it’s programme, man?

What’s it about?

And why is it squatting at the bottom of the boingboing blog pages?


As far as I can tell, it looks like it’s an event promoter and reputation-management outfit.

They seem to be advertizing they have the “latest information” on the “hottest bars, restaurants, venues and events” in major US cities.

So, basically, they’re what would happen if yelp raped craigslist while twitter watched and beat off.


… It’s very much pitted against the political supra-structure of the boingboing set, I’ll grant you that.

It’s nice to be reminded that the morbidly wealthy are as sad and insecure about their perceived, public self as most anyone. Not that it ameliorates their worst excesses - but… y’dig, contextualizes some of the empty, writhing profligacy.

The little thing is packed full of trackers and analytics, though. Again, very much against bb ethos.

(Oooh, actually, urban daddy is one of their long term advertising partners. Wonder why this little banner bar has not shown up until now…)


The only reason I even know of urban daddy is due to it using a custom TLD that my phone’s hosts.txt wasn’t aware of. And also apparently adblock plus is either in bed with them, or both easylist and fanboyslist need to be updated.

See also


Never mind, @daneel beat me to it…

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