Socialists score shock win in French elections, with far right in third behind Macron's centrists

I’m shocked, utterly shocked they’re trying this technique (/s)


The NYT is pushing this narrative hard: France is now “ungovernable”, endangering the holy project of neoliberal capitalism there. Certainly it’s going to be difficult to wrangle a working government together, but it also seems that the editorial board is now studiously ignoring Macron’s culpabilty in creating this precarious situation and is barely able to disguise its traditional willingness to accept fascists as a stabilising force (esp. in countries other than the U.S., and increasingly here as well )

It will look like “serious” party only in the sense that Faux News looks like a “serious” cable network: because a much larger group of supporters/audiences are split amongst the rivals.

RN is not serious in terms of policy, since right-wing populists only offer scapegoating, empty promises, and short-term quick fixes in that regard. It’s not really serious in terms of unity, because fascists start stabbing each-other in the back the moment they get a whiff of power. It is a serious threat to the well-being of the French people, though, something that was recognised by the majority of them a few days ago.


And to the stability and unity of EU and Ukraine. There’s a reason why Russians have been bankrolling right-wing parties all over Europe, after all…


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