Centrist Macron thrashes far-right Le Pen in French presidential election


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“Gasp! Nooooo!”


The Nazis killed 90% of my family during WWII, I couldn’t be happier and proud.

Vive La France Vive La Liberte’!


Still… 34% for Le Pen?

And now I feel like we need to hash out the gendered implications of the race, on top of the political ones. Would the outcome had been different if this was Jean-Marie Le Pen Jr vs. Emmanuella Macron?


You are spot on regarding the question WHY THE FUCK ARE SO MANY PEOPLE VOTING FOR A NEO-FASCIST?

If you have a closer look, it’s even worse. The percentage of people who did not cast their vote seems to be above 25%. And the percentage of people who did cast their vote either blank or made it non-countable is currently estimated at about further 12%.

These effectively supported the neo-fascist. And they knew it. It was all over French media what it ment to do what they did.




Please BB, 34% is huge: her father reached only 17,79 % in 2002; MLP scores rose constantly for 10 years, nothing to be happy about it…


“she only lost because she’s a woman” …


That is the question.

What has the establishment done to the population that they think Le Pen is the solution?

So roll on 5 years. Hollande mark 2, Macron won’t change things.

18.79% to 35% in 10 years. Nearly doubling FN share of the vote.

It’s just a delay.


For the time being I’m going to try to be optimistic.
Perhaps we have reached “peak Nazi.”


And what does voting in exactly the kind of centrist who made LePen’s numbers double do to help the situation?


As I said elsewhere, I hope this is the end for the FN, but I fear that this is nothing but a five year pause.

France’s problems are not as large as commentators always say, but I can’t see Macron doing anything to help.

I wish the republic all the luck in the world. It needs it.



I don’t understand why the media call him centrist. He is like French Romney. The only thing that differentiates him from the right is the expansion of universal health care. Chances are that he is not even going to act on that. It was probably motivated by populism to win more left votes (as if the left had a choice in the second round!). Also, that would explain the large number of blank votes. They don’t support Le Pen but they don’t want a conservative Macron. Compare that to Trump vs Clinton. This trend seems to be global and it’s increadibly disturbing.

On the bright side, Putirussia lost again. Or at least it looks like it lost.


Peak Nazi is reached at Stalingrad, not before.



I don’t think that’s the only reason, but it very well could be a contributing factor.


I guess the overton window is moving to the right everywhere now. Aftershocks of the fall of the Soviet Union continue.


Because before he was a GOP presidential candidate Romney actually was centrist. He would never have been elected gov of MA otherwise. Part of the GOP evil is they take centrists like Romney and GHWB and litmus test them to conform to the right wing crazies. Between the crazies on both wings, no one even knows what a centrist is any more.


ANSWER: Avoid Le Pen being in power seeing as it was a binary choice.