Macron and Le Pen to face off in French presidential runoff vote, May 7


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That was the expected result with the exception that Macron actually got more votes than Le Pen. The positions were reversed a few days ago if I remember correctly. Is the fraud investigation finally catching up to her?


If his name was just slightly different we would have the Micron Pen election.


We can only hope.


A neo-liberal or a neo-fascist. Fuck yeah my children’s future.


I’m annoyed that Macron doesn’t spell his name self-referentially as Macrōn.


I prefer that Le Point used to refer (when her father was in charge) to the “Partie Lepeniste” which means precisely what you might suspect it did. The Dickish Party.


This kind of election basically seems to be one in which the French right vote for their candidate and everybody else votes to see which of the other choices is most popular. The trouble is that an awful lot of French politicians are pretty awful. Anybody who cares to follow French politics from outside pretty soon, I think, concludes that the best you can hope for is the least worst candidate. In France power is still pretty opaque and not that many people read The Chained Duck to get a view of what lies behind the wall.

Marine le Pen gets so many votes (compared to, say, UKIP’s Farage) because she is less obviously obnoxious. French racism is less about colour and more about identity, for one thing. UKIP may want to send all immigrants back “where they came from” but Le Pen just wants them to speak proper French and wear proper French clothes [in her mind I mean]. She wants assimilation. But with only a quarter of the vote for the Far Right, the situation is very different from Trump.


Come on France, you’re better than the US and UK. You’re not going to fall for the same populist bullshit…are you?



Je vois ce que tu as fait, là.


Can only wonder what would have happened in Nov16 if the FBI was speaking out about Russian & Trump instead of Clintons fucking emails.


Hlllary Macron :fearful: Marine Le Trump


I’m not too familiar with the field, but which of the nine knocked out candidates augured a better future for them?


Melenchon of “la France insoumise”, for once. It is a left-reformist party, and stole most of the socialist party votes. Unlike the other “lefts” that are rallying beside the liberal, Melenchon is quite pungent. A roughly translated quote answering “who you are recommending to vote” is:

The “mediacrats” and the olygarchs are quite satisfied today. Nothing is as beatiful for them as a second round between two candidates who want to prolong the current institutions -and their failings-, who don’t express any ecological conscience and who they will take it against the most elemental social progresses.

(sorry for bad english, neither french nor english are my first language)


The world is falling to barbarians. There is nothing left but to hope the next intelligent species does it better.


I’m guessing the man will win again here. Not that I would be unhappy about that in this case, mind you.


The good news is, it looks like the parties that didn’t make the runoffs are, for the most part, uniting behind Macron to make sure the fascists don’t win.


Which is, even if it happens, a rather pyrrhic victory.

In a normal election, Macron would be the chief villain. Corrupt neoliberal/plutocratic corporate tool.


People are entirely too comfortable with the prefix neo.