Investigation accuses French right-wing leader of funnelling €500K to his wife for "fake job"


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Making way for Marine Le Penn on the right. Great. Assholes.


Maybe the Left will make a stunning recovery!

Hollande has what, a 4% approval rating and isn’t standing, but from the little I’ve read, Hamon and Macron sound…okay.


Hollande fucked that up… I hate them all. Fuckers are screwing the rest of us over.


Well, I guess it’s now down to Germany and Canada and perhaps Iceland to preserve what remains of Western liberal democracy.


You’re truly in a bad spot when your only prayer for avoiding a right-wing nut job is… another right wing nut job.


Looks like someone is going to regret not saving this banner from 2002:


Le Pen, who is one little mustache short of a swastika.


More like “alternative job” amirite?


Unfortunately caring about candidates’ policies is a luxury that you can’t always afford if other candidates threaten to tear down the whole system.


that blows.


Somebody please reassure me we aren’t witnessing the rapid escalation towards WW3. Because it sure feels like it.


fake job, is that the thing with the grapefruit?


Luckily the future has appointed their most accomplished time-traveling liars to address this very concern and I’m here to tell you there is absolutely nothing to worry about.


bwahahahaha <drawbreath> bwahahahahahahahaha <drawbreath> bwahahahahahahaha.

I hope you’re right. but I fear it will be 2002 again, this time with a Le Pen a little bit more acceptable. All over Europe the left/liberals/social-democrats drank the “New Labour was oh so successful” cool-aid* and are cheap copies of the real thing: Conservatives. And the mood is even one step more to the right.

* eta: this should have been Kool-Aid. sorry.


Doesn’t that mean a jump to the left is coming?


unlikely. on the right side of current European right parties is lots of wiggling room. see the parliament of Poland or Hungary.


Sorry. I checked, and the jump to the left comes before the step to the right. Putting your hands on your hips is the next bit.


Wait - a measly 500,000 euros? Well there’s your problem right there. People who steal chump change get prosecuted. People who steal real money get statues.



You are supposed to start up ze phony global philanthropic organization, then sell ze how-you-say…political access? your politically-connected spouse.