French far-right leader Le Pen plagiarized opponent's speech

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If only we had some prior/similar situation where a far right leaning campaign was involved in some sort of plagiarism of a speech from an opposing left leaning campaign…oh wait.


Yeah, exactly.

It’s so much a thing for a certain group of political thugs, it’s almost a tell.


So? It’s not like this matters to the anti-intellectual crowd that votes for any fascist. For them, plagiarism is a trivial concern of the nation’s decadent “elites”.

Meanwhile, I’m hearing story after story of French people who should be voting for Macron if only to stave off fascism in their own self-interest saying they’ll stay home on election day. I understand why a left-winger, a union member, or French-Arab resident of a banlieue might not like Macron. However, the bigots who wish those groups ill will most assuredly show up to vote for Le Pen.


The trolling right loves it when the left’s snowflakes are triggered, trolling is their power.

It might be an accident that a professional speech writer plagiarized a speech and had someone read it on a world wide stage and got caught. Or, these things are planned ahead of time to get a reaction out of the left. The game is to have the people fighting over table scraps while, I’m afraid, much more nefarious goings on are happening.

Removal of national landmarks? Replacing ACA and not guaranteeing coverage of pre existing conditions? Global warming is a Chinese conspiracy? Build a wall? This isn’t policy, this is a diversion.


I’m playing Devil’s advocate here, but doesn’t it say more about populist platitudes?

certainly possible right? Cry wolf enough times and now you are Peter.

Always makes me think of this…

It always seems to be the Right pulling these stunts.


I need to watch that series again.

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It wasn’t plagiarism! She added pas to every sentence!


Le Pen = Le No

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This guy was the mainstream right wing candidate. As he worked with Sarkozy one would assume he was fairly publicly racist and nationalist even by their previous standards.

Macron’s a sort of centre right guy. So the election is between the centre right and the far right. The mainstream right and the centre left lost bigly with an insurgent left wing candidate polling well. It would be very difficult for his supporters to now go to Macron, but not much of a nose hold for many of Fillon’s (Republican mainstream right wing party) supporters to vote le Pen as his party has flirted with her rhetoric and normalised racism to bring their supporters into the fold while assuming that the FN were unelectable.

Or that’s my reading of it anyway.


Le Pen is mightier than le word.


It’s sooo good. Well, most of it. The third was pretty hard for me to rewatch, and as much as I love Jean-Pierre Jeunet and his usual actors, Resurrection didn’t quite do it for me.

I’m sure it’s totally a coincidence!
Seriously though, someone put together a video where they overlaid the two speakers speaking the same words - it was spooky. She uses the same cadences as in the original speeches, making them line up really well, making the plagiarism all that more apparent.

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We take notice.

So, what was the name of her opponent again, and what did he do and say today?

Picture has not been BSchizza-photoshopped. I am disappoint.

Turns out the original speech-writer is happy LePen did it because he’s a LePen supporter.

Its that stupid. “Why should I vote for the lesser evil?” theory. As if any politician could be 100% perfect to any significant number of voters. Dumbasses.


I love it when people tell citizens of another country what they should do. Its just delicious!

EDIT: perhaps the above triggered someone. Too bad. Its not just about the political opinions people disagree with but the general human nature of “our way is best and everyone else is wrong”.

It certainly can be an effective political strategy especially against the further end of the Left where there is already a tendency towards ideological purity infighting.

But this is aimed at the already quite far right rather than the left, the plagiarism is from the Republicans, she is showing how close she is to their party. She wants their votes not, it seems, their outrage.

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