Society of synthetic linguists explain to court, in Klingon, why Klingon shouldn't be copyrightable


Was the latter the creation of one of your French members?


The lingua franca thing is strictly amongst auxlangers, who are a minority part of conlang creators (in large part because most people interested in that want to learn an auxlang, not make a new one). They certainly exist, though; see AUXLANG-L.

Me personally? I’m the rarest sort: an engelanger. I make languages that try to push the boundaries of what language can do, and really don’t care at all whether anyone adopts them. They’re more of an intellectual-creative effort. See UNLWS & Gripping linked on my website. Or John Quijada’s Ithkuil, one of my favorite engelangs.

The vast majority of conlangers are artlangers. They make languages for the aesthetics of it, like a painter. They might like their work to be appreciated, but being a lingua franca is not at all an objective (and might even be not wanted, if it’s particularly personal). See eg David J. Peterson’s Conlang Manifesto for a fairly representative viewpoint.

(I can’t post more than 2 links, and it’s not wanting to link to some host among them for … unclear reasons, or I’d link my site & Ithkuil.)


See the CONLANG-L FAQ for background.


So not a salacious French pun? Pity


Try asking @tsela on Twitter. :wink: (He’s current LCS president, French & living in Netherlands.)


Also if you want conlangers’ perspective on the case, see the threads linked recently by @FiatLingua (the official LCS twitter account), or the interviews on the LCS’ Axanar press page.


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