This Day in Blogging History: Welcome to Your Awesome Robot; Broadcaster sets up torrent tracker; Can Klingon be copyrighted?


Was anyone else curious about follow ups?.. well anyway… Follow ups!

NRK still seems to be doing bittorrent (not sure why site is still in beta)

Regarding Klingon, Wikipedia is ever helpful
On March 8, 2004 (date of BB article) Wikipedia read;

“Paramount owns a copyright to the official dictionary and other canonical descriptions of the language. Some people dispute the validity of Paramount’s claim of copyright on the language itself in light of the Feist v. Rural decision, but no challenge has actually been brought to court.”

Compared to current Wikipedia version which reads;

“CBS Television Studios owns a copyright of the official dictionary and other canonical descriptions of the language. While constructed languages (‘conlangs’) are viewed as creations with copyright protection,[citation needed] natural languages are not protected, excluding dictionaries and/or other works created with them. Mizuki Miyashita and Laura Moll note, ‘Copyrights on dictionaries are unusual because the entries in the dictionary are not copyrightable as the words themselves are facts, and facts can not be copyrighted. However, the formatting, example sentences, and instructions for dictionary use are created by the author, so they are copyrightable.’[6] Whether constructed languages can be copyrighted was tested in court in the example of Loglan and its derivative Lojban.[citation needed]”

Klingon language. (2014, February 26). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 10:11, March 9, 2014, from

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