Solar Impulse 2, solar-powered aircraft on five-month journey, lands in China


Re: “The unprecedented attempt at the first flight around the world seeks to prove that flying is possible without using fossil fuel.” The flight is actually being made by a pair of aircraft, the larger “support” aircraft powered by fossil fuel, so it actually demonstrates the opposite - that flying is not yet possible without using conventional fuel.

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Having a support craft does not demonstrate that solar-powered flight is impossible. It proves the pilots don’t want to be Amelia Earhart. I can’t find any supporting documentation for your statement, so I don’t know for sure exactly what this second craft does, but my guess would be emergency backup - not a bad idea when one is pioneering.

Christopher Columbus had a backup craft, too. That didn’t prove sailing the Atlantic was impossible.


If you think about it, at some point in the (to us) distant future, this will be the only mode of transport. After fossil fuels are depleted, what other energy source could (compactly) power an aircraft?

This is what the air traveler of 10k AD will be riding.

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