Solely AI-generated music shut out of Grammy's with new rule

Originally published at: Solely AI-generated music shut out of Grammy's with new rule | Boing Boing

But how can you tell?


I imagine under the rules, creators must submit production notes and/or physical proof? :man_shrugging:



In 5 years they’ll have an AI category.

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I feel like it’d be doable to just fake it in multiple ways to make it seem like someone did all of the work. Although from what i understand is that the Grammy’s has long been seen as irrelevant and kind of a joke in the eyes of artists, i understand this rule change but AI is the least of their problems as far as bringing legitimacy to the Grammy’s.

From what I read, McCartney’s use of AI was to isolate a vocal track from the other stuff on that cassette demo track. Not for composition. That’s just another production/recording studio tool. I don’t see it as very relevant to what the Grammys** are trying to regulate.

** @Rusty_Blazenhoff Why is there an apostrophe in the plural of Grammys in the headline? Shut out of Grammy’s WHAT with new rule??

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Because this was written by a human.


Too many fingers on the keyboard.


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