Some considerations for potential XKCD phone purchasers




+1 Would buy.


Unfortunately, it is only available with AT&T.


An app that screams when I drop my phone… I actually want that. Also wireless control of god of course.


I don’t see any caveats about taunting the XKCD phone, so I’m in…




The screaming feature was what got me convinced to purchase one, or maybe two if I cant catch the first one on time.


Steve Martin has Randal beat for best warning label:


Pretty sure those apps exist? Time to check the app store!


My favorite is still from The Onion:


This sounds an awful lot like an Aperture Laboratories product. I’m very interested. Did you know their turrets fire the whole bullet? That’s 60% more bullet per bullet.


I love how the scene is simultaneously in a blazing, shadeless desert and under black and cloud-filled skies. Their Photoshop guy was really hitting on all cylinders.


If you want a real XKCD/BB geekness phone (I have a community connection) check out
Open source and built by community members in the EU!
Current work on the current Nokia N900 includes chrooting Android to run that systems apps though Maemo5 has most real apps covered.
Best of all with the hack and modify pads there is hope for adding a POCSAG pager module so privacy nerds can turn off the GSM and run stealthy while still being notified real time of incoming calls and having the option to pop up on the phone system to immediately call back. Even Richard Stallman is interested in a phone for the first time, though not yet convinced he trusts the modem module.
Also dearest XKCD, Android and IOS can go to hell.


The battery is probably a Happy Fun Ball™. So I still wouldn’t taunt it just to play it safe.


Yes, but does the OS make the phone waterproof?


FYI: I just made an iPhone app that screams when you drop it, super simple. Demo viddy here:

I just submitted it to the app store under the name FreefallX. Assuming it gets accepted it should be available for free in a week or to. cheers!

Apple's torture-test lab

Now I am curious how you explained that to the dog.


Excellent! I miss my n900 (I just need to re-solder the USB, but have been too busy to take the time). I need a new phone and am continually disappointed by what is out there – Nokia’s maemo devices have been the most open hackable phones/MIDs that I have owned.
The first thing that I do when the alarm wakes me up in the morning is utter “Damn you Elop! Damn you to hell!”


The fine print quite clearly specifies that if you submerge the phone, it will drown. So no.