Some hotel room doors can easily be unlocked with a piece of paper


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Piece of paper…or Ghost Knife?


that’s great. thanks for posting! now i will never get my wife to stay in an hotel ever again.


Just bring a bucket of rocks, you’ll be fine.




the only way to stop a bad guy with a piece of paper … is a good guy with a piece of paper


…but it’s a subpoena.


Pieces of paper can unlock many things.



Remind me to never stay in a hotel again try that trick the next time I’m in a hotel…


Would that trick still work if the deadbolt have been activated?


In my experience those only unlock low to mid range hotel rooms.


Not with standard deadbolts. If low-budget hotels were to skimp on deadbolts by using a second standard latch, however…


Well okay then eh…


Terrible. Imagine what you could do with the burger menus.


It doesn’t look to me like the deadbolt was engaged which I think would prevent this from happening.


I don’t even want to think about it.


Aha! :joy:


The mortise lock obviously needs repair or relubing, not uncommon where they have lots of airflow to dry out and harden the internal grease. The deadlatch assembly is not deadlocking the beveled latch like it’s supposed to when the strike on the frame depresses the deadlatch. It’s one of the first things I check when entering my new hotel room.
There are also tools that slide under the door to pull down the inside lever handle and open the door even if the deadbolt is thrown.
Hotel room safes aren’t secure either. Some of them you can beat with a strong magnet; others can be beaten by looking up master codes for the model of safe online.


That’s silly, everybody knows that paper defeats rock. What you need is a bucket of scissors.