Some Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. McSmelty's World, Percival Dunwoody, Actually-Man, and more!!

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Percival seems to be almost wise in this edition… Is he feeling alright?


I read the comic then doubled back to see if its title was subtly changed.


I love all of Bolling’s work, but I think I love his Super-Fun-Pak stuff the most. :heart:


I do not understand this Actually Man! I’m angry!

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That… was the smartest thing Percival has ever said.

Also the first one should be called “Fictional Cop, Cop, Cop”.


Percival is being so profound. all this time travel has really made him grow.


This is the funniest thing I’ve read about Ludwig Boltzmann. Alas, the section on the physicist from Alfred Bester’s The Men Who Murdered Mohammed must now take second place, but it’s still pretty funny.

Or take Boltzmann. Giving a course in Advanced Ideal Gases, he peppered his lectures with involved calculus which he worked out quickly and casually in his head. He had that kind of head. His students had so much trouble trying to puzzle out the math by ear that they couldn’t keep up with the lectures, and they begged Boltzmann to work out his equations on the blackboard.

Boltzmann apologized and promised to be more helpful in the future. At the nextlecture he began: “Gentlemen, combining Boyle’s Law with the Law of Charles, we arrive at the equation pv = PqVj( 1 + at). Now obviously if aS*" = f (x) dx0 (a), then pv = RT and vS f (x,y,z) dV =0. It’s as simple as two plus two equals four.”
At this point Boltzmann remembered his promise. He turned to the blackboard, conscientiously chalked 2 + 2 = 4, and then breezed on, casually doing the complicated calculus in his head.


Could someone please tell the powers that be that this page doesn’t link to the bs, just back to itself: These 5 people dedicate their lives to the adoration of a single color | Boing Boing


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