Someone is 3-D printing tiny shiny unicorns and leaving the delightful creatures all over Providence, Rhode Island

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Now this is a real unicorn chaser! :slight_smile: :unicorn:

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Yay. Just what the planet needs. More random plastic tat.


Isn’t it wonderful that we can ignore multi-billion dollar corporations eviscerating our environment — in full knowledge of the damage they have been doing and are continuing to do — in order to laser focus on one artist in one town.


So its ok if its art? It gets a pass? We can excuse it?

“Hey look, i know I shat in your flowerbed, but Im making a statement. Plus dont target me, target all the big commercial polluters you hypocrite!”

You make a good point that someone stinking up the place only occasionally is enough of a problem in a community to be taken at least as seriously as the lapses caused by ongoing members of that same community.


Your argument is essentially akin to 'if China wont curtail its greenhouse emissions then why should a much smaller country doing way less harm"…

Because once you reduce the background noise it makes the main culprits much easier to hear and gives them less scope to make the same excuses.

I’m just waiting for all the copycats. Like the rock painters. But this does way more damage. Filament is expensive but people have 3d printers sat doing nothing…

Subjectively one persons litter is another persons art I suppose but printing plastic tat from an stl file isnt impressive , had the artists carved these from dead wood or sculpted them from clay I would be way less crtical and way more impressed

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I think it’s this guy.





Reminds me of sad Keanu Reeves.

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I used to know a guy in Providence who would knit plush penicorns.

What’s a penicorn? It’s a unicorn where… well, you can figure it out.

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Tiny Shiny Unicorns is an album I might listen to.

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