No big deal just an animated GIF of a unicorn riding a rainbow


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Is that unicorn slurping?


it appears to be eating, and then shitting out, the rainbow.


I thought it was farting.


Kind of getting a GI-tract rainbow flossing.

The unicorn’s colon and rectum does a remarkable job of straightening out and cleansing the rainbow after its convoluted trip through the lower intestine.


[chuckles] That’s not a unicorn.

[he pulls out his bag from the farmer’s market]

THAT’s a unicorn.


Not riding so much as being impaled. I think we need a unicorn chaser to get this gruesome scene out of our heads.


The rainbow is a circle. The unicorn eats its own shit, for eternity.


The unicorn is getting Chinese finger-cuffed


Just came here to read all the comments I would have posted.


Great. Now it’s the rainbow centipede.


Never. Eating. Skittles. Again.



By the time I see the cartons talking, I’m way too far along to need the chaser.


It needs more pink and fluffy…


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