Unicorn Chaser


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that was quick.

I sincerely thank you for your journalistic integrity.

You guys need to post the Unicorn Chaser first, so that we scroll down to see it after reading the freaky article. As it is, I see the chaser and go “On no, what’s coming next?”


That planet is going to have one hell of a tidal swing.

Maybe the moon is made of cotton candy?

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where did the hand of foot article that was up earlier go? (and I assume the reason for the unicorn chaser)

The unicorn chaser is less helpful after reading “The Equoid” by Charles Stross.

Yep. I missed that so this seems to be a unicorn without purpose.

So I’ll just assume it’s here because of the recent posts about Shia Labeouf.


Well here is a link - warning pictures after jump may have required a unicorn (assuming that the bbc news logo in the preview is not going to change to the picture from the article in which case this response may require unicorn therapy ) Then again you may prefer to follow the Shia LeBeouf line of things.

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I’m counting this Unicorn chaser as overdue for Mr. Moth with his distending scent organs. *shivers*

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Yikes! I can see where that might require a unicorn.

Though at least the poor guy seems to be in a good hospital. Looks like they’re waiting on him hand and foot.


The picture was supposed to be after the jump? It was right there, front and center, on my RSS feed. GAHHHH!!!111

Thanks for the zippy chaser, Xeni.

First thought on observing: what, a unicorn whose horn is a dandelion puff?

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Problem is, I’m now thinking of a unicorn chaser in the sense equivalent to ambulance chaser – “Gored by a unicorn? We can get you a big settlement! Call 555-UNI-CORN to speak to one of our lawyers…”

But let’s not lose sight of the essential truth of unicorns.

Me, I’m all about efficiency.

You’re welcome.


I need a unicorn to chase my boombox?

I’m all confused.


I need a unicorn chaser for the terrible shoop on that unicorn!

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