Severed hand grafted to ankle, reattached to wrist a month later




I need a unicorn chaser after that image!


Jeez, guys, this horror-story photo was bad enough once today…


Bravo, I say! Where other sites might exercise good taste and put that image below the fold, BB goes right for the sensationalism gland.



You know what they say… A hand on the ankle is better than a penis on the forearm.

Edit: you are welcome (for not providing a link)


You know,…I got nothing.


Is it still the case that the protocol for nerve reattachments is ‘sew everything together in the right place, as precisely as possible, and hope for the best’ or have there been advances in inducing nerves to do the right thing?


put the penis on the forehead and it can be a unicorn


Here is one that may or not have been posted for the same story:


Thanks for the post. Earlier today, I got a unicorn chaser, but there was nothing I could see that needed chasing…

So, what’s this guy’s story? Was he at a card game, and threw in his hand?


Looks like the guy’s being printed by a RepRap.


It took 7 hours to get him to a better facility? This case wasn’t good enough for a helicopter or airplane? Was he being used as a guinea pig to see how long the hand could survive on his ankle?


They probably only had an hour drive, but you know, traffic.


There was a Simpson’s joke about this kind of thing but for the life of me a I cannot remember any other details about it.


They should have put it on the other way, that way he can pick up his kid’s legos when walking around in the dark. You know, instead of stepping on them.


Was it “Well if it isn’t my old friend Mr. McGregg, with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg?”


Could you be a doctor? If you look at this and think “Hey, that’s a neat trick”, you pass. If you squeal and cover your eyes, you fail. If you prefer the nice, shiny solution of sticking it on ice and demanding a helicopter and blaming failure on the system when a helicopter cannot be found, you fail. I suspect it is the right thing to do, but I my mind would not have gone there, so I fail. I had a friend who started studying to be a doctor: she had an autopsy of a baby on the first morning followed by chicken (same size) in the canteen lunch. She passed.

Can we come back to this in a year and see how the hand got on? Thanks.


Does China even have air ambulances?


If it was feasible to attach it to his ankle, why wasn’t it feasible to attach it to his wrist? Frankly I think the doctors were trolling.


In my shiny, Grammar-Absolutist future, you’d LOSE a hand for incorrectly pluralising ‘Lego’…