Severed hand found on freeway... wasn't that

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Narrator: It was something worse

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If the authorities are thinking of reattaching that appendage to a life-sized Steve Austin action figure ., don’t bother. I tried it when i was a kid using electrical tape and a blow-torch. Steve was so horribly disfigured that he was relegated to a drawer in case my Mom found out.


If they’re still looking for suspects, how about Melissa Manchester? :slight_smile:

♫ Wouldn’t you give
Your hand to a friend?
Maybe it’s not the end … ♫

Or Bruce, the rubber movie shark?

Mr. Jaws (1975)
(Dickie Goodman - Topic)


I’m honestly surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

Buying fake body parts at a Spirit or something and tossing them out the window while driving down the highway is probably one the easiest pranks you could possibly do. If you do it late enough at night, there’s virtually zero chance you’ll get caught.

It is littering tho, so if you want to be green about it, use real ones. They’re biodegradable.


“The severed hand was believed to be connected to a body found last week…
Well, not literally.”

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