Bag containing 53 human hands washed ashore on a Russian island


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Lucky the bag didn’t split in the waves.

(Gross story, mind.)


Strong of stomach, but not even slightly ‘morbidly curious’ enough to look.

I’m not a detective, and none of my speculations will help bring about any resolution or justice for anyone. Suffice it to say that it’s obvious something nefarious happened to a lot of people and it’s just one more sign that the world has some atrocious folks occupying it.


They were all left hands?


reminds me of the kidney donation story:


Nice one.


Some of them are right hands


Man, sounds like this case has the authorities stumped…





Dammit! I knew I left my bag of hands somewhere!


Gonna be real hard to finger the culprit.


That’s where I left those…sheesh. Mystery solved.


Got to hand it to you I think you are right.


Probably. Also possible that hands had been cut from corpses for some legitimate reason, and a shipping accident happened.

I can imagine certain kinds of researchers needing human hands, and I know that law enforcement sometimes cut hands off of corpses (see Anna Mae Aquash and the FBI) - presumably they get disposed of at some point. In a bag, dumped in the ocean…Ok, maybe wishful thinking.


Possible, but not as probable, unfortunately.


The source article stated that they may have come from a medical facility.



I suspect Dexter.


Not these guys then?


Sounds more like the (hand) waves split in the bag.

Still (h)and all, a bag like that could come in handy.

Especially if one needs a hand disposing of, um, hands!
Hands down it was a medical accident.
(Is it hands all the way down then?)

Where’s that face-palm-hand gif when you need it?