A doctor explains the mystery of the Pacific Northwests severed feet

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A mystery…

“Come, Watson, come!’ he cried. ‘The game is a foot . Not a word! Into your clothes and come!’


Have DNA studies been released giving any clues as to where these feet may have originated?
(Allowing, of course, for genetic drift…)


I think everyone knows that shoes protect ocean critters from devouring the feet right away. I’m not sure what happened to designs across the shoe industry in '07-'08 that made them more buoyant, but sure.

What everyone wants to know is, who’s feet are these, are they connected?


warning: do not watch while eating lunch. learn from my mistake.


Forensic science has concluded that most of them were originally attached to human legs.


In fact, I doubt I’ll be watching at all, because of tomorrow’s lunches and whatnot. But I wish someone would just put the big reveal in text so I can find out. Are you maybe that person?


oh, sorry – it’s the sport shoe industry, i guess? people drown, they sink, bottom feeders eat them at the ankle because… it’s accessible and soft, i guess… and then because of the shoes the (now detached) foot floats up, and gets washed ashore. or something like that.


Thank you! Almost as bad as seeing that in pictures would have been staying up late wondering what caused them :slight_smile:

A new Nike custom shoe feature: Your ID molded onto the midsole. :grin:

Footloose… and Fancy-found ®


Are they all, perhaps, victims of a severe case of athletes foot?


But where are the bodies/feet coming from to begin with? That issue is never addressed. I hope it has something to do with organized orcas.


What brought so much attention early on was not just that feet were washing up, but they were always the right foot. Super weird! Lefties have since shown up, but the mystery of severed feet was now well known.

And while there seems to be a good explanation for feet washing up due to the footwear, the number (21) in such a small area is rather bizarre. Why this one area and not similar occurrences elsewhere? It’s probably still some benign reason that we don’t yet know. But still a mystery.

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Probably a combination of water sports and currents.

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No, not anymore.


stowaways that are no use to the crew…
well… bye.

So lifehacker pro tip: write your name on the inside of your shoe so that your family can know that you aren’t just on a cross-continent vacation – and that you are – in fact – dead.


The hands and feet of people who try to prove the Earth is round are ripped off by the super hurricanes that encircle the Earth-disc. A quirk of antipodal gyre mechanics accelerates them towards the sky dome at one of two Bucephalean manifold points around the perimeter and reflection vectors do the rest. Shod feet end up in the ocean off BC; hands, being lighter, make it to Siberia.

It’s physics, people.


An Orcanspiracy maybe?
When pedophilia doesn’t work anymore?
Or is it more easily explained with a coverup by escalator companies who just don’t want it known how many injuries they cause.
Elevators too.
I once rushed onto a train whose doors closed behind my leg (dammit). Had to stand by the door jambed there for ages before it stopped.

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