Yet another dismembered foot found on Seattle waterfront


I believe the link may be incorrect

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It would seem so. Either that, or THEY don’t want us knowing too much about Project Monopod and its sinister aims.

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Didn’t RTFA but my guess is that fish don’t want to eat smelly old sneakers, so the kicks and their contents are all that’s left of an ordinary wet dead body.

People just don’t appreciate a good osso buco anymore.

sneakers float


And the post pic… That’s just an empty sneaker!

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why just feet?

“the feet become disarticulated from the body naturally with time, as the bodies decompose and are eaten by sea life or other marine organisms…the material in the running shoes or hiking boots is too tough for anything to eat through, and some of them have air in them or rubber soles that cause them to float”

why there?

“the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Strait of Georgia and Puget Sound off northern Washington and southern British Columbia - appears to be uniquely suited for such discoveries because of circular currents that carry debris through the intricate coastal waterways, she said.“All of the feet have been found within about 125 miles of one another,” she noted.”

why mostly left feet?
no one knows. chance i suppose. it just ain’t right but it is probably because that is the only foot left…


“In one case, she said, they were able to confirm the death of a fisherman who had vanished in 1987 – 25 years before his foot was found.”

woah, that is a long time for a foot to be floating in the water.

great now i’m picturing the pacific gyre to be full of floating feet…shudders

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Fun’s fun, but I hope the “first gained a toehold in the public consciousness” crack in the article got the writer at least a bit of a talking to by an editor. These are people who are dead, and parts of them are washing up on the beach. The ocean is a cold and lonely place. It’s sad, dying alone and winding up (in most of these cases) unknown. Nothing to joke about, in my opinion.

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It’s totally terrible, tragic, and scary.

But making jokes about such horrible things is natural and healthy.


In the old days we put somebody in cement overshoes and sent 'em to sleep with the fishes. These kids today have got it all backwards.


I think it is all terribly terrible and yet satisfyingly hilarious despite having lost peers swept out to sea in the area. I always wonder about Ricardo’s body and if his left foot has shown up yet.

Or it is just an homage to Daniel Day-Lewis’s acting.

Don’t you hate the way every time somebody says, “it’s not funny!” everybody else just keeps on laughing? It’s almost as if they don’t realize they’re bad people. Remind them!

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I personally enjoy that kind of humor, but think the editor should talk to the author simply because it was a really bad attempt. It just seemed like a really awkward sentence.

There’s a scene in the novel Billy Bathgate, the first event in the book I think (?) where a gangster is about to get the “cement overshoes” treatment a few miles out on the ocean, and he is begging them to shoot him in the head before throwing him overboard. He knew. I was struck by what a lonely way to die that would be. You’re effectively removed not just from life, but from history itself. If the gangsters keep mum, no one will ever know where you went or what became of you. You’re never found. Archeologists won’t even find you. And you’re fully aware of that fact, very much alive and conscious of it, as you sink into utter darkness and utter loneliness for your last few moments.

Being lost at sea, drowning on the open ocean, is definitely not a way that I would care to go.

What you’re looking at here is a phenomenon that has been studied by many people - the bridge jumper suicide. It explains the provenance of all the feet found on the PNW coast (which mostly washed up in BC, Canada).

The ‘mystery’ of these remains has been debunked more than a few times over the last decade. It isn’t sasquatch or a serial killer, just another poor soul who stood on the top of a giant structure, saw entire communities, and felt alone for the last time.

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