Man's severed hand attached to his ankle


ok - i’ll bite - why did it take a month to attach the hand to the arm? Why not do that in the first place?


Do limbs that have been reattached after that long even function any more?
I’d imagine the nerves wouldn’t be easy to reattach/heal.

It would be hard to talk to him without putting my foot in my mouth. Or his foot in his mouth, or his in mine. Hey, how about that smog?

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Was there any nerve linkage, or did they just connect the vascular systems? Neat.

Patient wakes up from operation. Sees hand attached too ankle. Has heart attack from shock. Of course that never happened. We can guess the tissues needed too grow or heal before the reattachment. Ankle has easy too access blood vessels, makes sense too have the hand attached there for a bit of rehab and it is the least comical spot for it too boot.

Why is all I can think of is Scaphandra from Aeon Flux that had hands for feet…

That’s really cool, where do I sign up?

I mean, I have two perfectly good hands… but I want a spare just in case something happens to one of them. And you know, there are times you find yourself wishing “man, I really need a third hand…” now you can!

Might grow extras of some other parts too. You never know…

Thanks, I’d spent a considerable amount of effort avoiding links that might take me to that picture.

The arm was significantly damaged - the article I read described it as “flattened”. They needed fix the arm first.

Man’s Severed Penis, attached to his arm.
Full photo series.

Next to the regular click counter for links there must be another one counting the number of people who acknowledged the link but deliberately refused to click it. It should preferably involve a button labelled “NOPE”.

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I hear you. Much to my surprise after the Hand/Foot turned up on my FB wall, someone else went and posted Penis/Arm

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