Miles O'Brien on life after losing an arm




Definitely read the whole thing to the end.


The late, great, and missed David Rakoff lost use of one of his arms due to cancer treatments. His take on it is heartbreaking, and funny, and...just watch it.



His sense of humor is only eclipsed by his self-sufficiency.

Made me cry at work.

Not ashamed.


The attitude and resilience Mr. O'Brien has shown have been very inspiring to me. If (or when) something devastating happens to me personally, his story will be on my mind, as a template to help deal with it. Thanks for sharing this.


When it comes to phantom pain, could it not be explained by the idea that the 'feeling' is all going on in your head and is generally the brain interpreting the signals it receives from your hand? If you lose a part of your body, the connections on the brain end are still there and are just cut off further down, so your brain may still assign feelings to no longer existing parts of what on its end is a complete body. You can also still send the signals down to where the arm would be, because it's a hardware rather than a software problem.


I can't...not man enough...crying to hard


My grandfather had an identical injury long before even my mother was born. He's been gone three years now. Thanks for the warm thoughts of him this brought today.


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