How rainbow sprinkles are made


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So not this then…





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Came here for this, was not disappointed.


So… No chance it’s going to turn out that they are environmentally devastating or are otherwise carcinogenic?


Here and I thought they came from sweeping out the fairy cage.


I was also imagining little tie-dyed larvae.


Something about seeing food being manufactured, and/or presented in bulk, makes me really hungry.

I saw an episode of How It’s Made that was about haggis, and it made me WANT to eat it. Which I later did, much to my enjoyment, at a since-closed Scottish tavern in NYC.


Just the kind they sell at Whole Foods.


I love the “How It’s Made” series. Watched many episodes with my kids, who seemed fascinated by it also.


Not just unicorns, a herd of unicorns ranged in a line, each feeding on a particular color slice and pooping out the same.


Those are jimmies. Sprinkles are different.


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