Skittles trick turns plate into a rainbow


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I prefer putting them in my mouth instead. Then the rainbow is on the inside.


Hmm, taste the coal tar!


now do that with the plate on a record player so the coriolis effect makes it a spiral!


i.e., rather than e.g.


Also funny are the various YouTubers attempting to replicate the effect only to end up with a brownish mix of melted candy slime on their plate.

They must have gotten some of those Syrian Skittles.


All it takes is one bad Skittle, though.


Is this how you figure out which Skittle is a Jew?


Why go through the trouble of neatly arranging the colors and not also align the "S"s?




Maybe this is what Trump jr really fears about a bowl of Skittles — the possibility of a rainbow nation.


There must be a cheaper way to acquire food coloring.


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