DIY machine sorts M&Ms and Skittles by color


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We truly live in a golden age.


This is the satisfying video you were looking for:


Automation destroys yet another Obsessive-Compulsive distraction from the sad terrors of existence:



I presume it only detects color, and can’t tell the difference between M&Ms and Skittles if they’re mixed together.


Oh it KNOWS. It KNOWS one is delicious chocolate and one is crappy tasting jelly goo. It KNOWS it in its soul.


Can you imagine if it mixed the two and you didn’t know and chomped on a handful?



I used to work with someone who claimed he went through a large bag of M&Ms crushing one against the other. The toughest one, the one that crushed the others, he set aside and mailed to Hershey with instructions to use it “for breeding purposes”.

I guess it won’t be long before there’ll be a machine to do that too.


My daughter does this with any multi-colored candy… without the chart. She’s going to have to step up her game.


…and that’s how M&M minis are made, son.


Had that happen to me at a party once.

Some people just want to see the world burn.

(I found out later the person who brought the mixed dish claimed they “liked them that way” and didn’t understand how others couldn’t. This same person is a dentist and I secretly think they bring dishes like this to parties to drum up business)


Sorry, princess. Your job’s been taken by a robot.


Princess is the last thing she should be called… :wink:


I know that guy!


While there’s definitely better/more reliable/more efficient methods (a moving arm would rapidly wear, and there’s lots of unnecessary motor usage in general, as opposed to switched gating, for example) but in terms of “purty” and current design ethos, the creator of this doodad is pretty damn good.

With a shroud on the arm’s motor and a few other small finishing tweaks, as a consumer with numerous badly-jumbled candies I would be very satisfied, as long as the MTBF was decent. The creator is definitely destined for a successful future, if not there already =) .


All well and good, but can it sort out the poisoned ones?


No, it doesn’t get rid of the Skittles.


It puts the brown ones in their own dish, with a wall around the rim. /s


Now arrange them…



And she was DIY too!