Industrial machine is very good at kicking out green tomatoes


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This is greenism.


I’m amazed the red ones aren’t ketchup.



saw a similar process at the Herrs potato chip factory - chips are sped up on conveyor to leap over a gap, a scanner id’s the brown or green chips, and they are blown out of the flow with an air jet when they leap the gap.


Poor little green maters…


First they came for the green ones and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t green.


Meanwhile next door…

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Among other things. Or was that just the one time?


I wonder if there are multiple passes? As there are at least two greeners that made it through this stage of the gantlet.


Why you would ever kick out green toms is beyond me, and why you would spend time and energy designing and building a machine to do it is really beyond me!


This is the future the alt-right wants.


Maybe you only want greens, but reds dominate.

Kicking out the minority is always easier than kicking out the majority.


Well, if it’s ease you’re after, then we must certainly admit that kicking out none is easiest of all!


This machine is better at separating green tomatoes than I am at anything.


Hypothesis: The red ones are shuttled to a side belt for an extra shot of ethylene gas before being merged back into the flow…


If they’re standard American factory farm tomatoes, they’re probably still rock hard. They’ll soften during the trip to the grocery store.


I noticed black spotted tomatoes getting through. I’m sure blossom end rot tomatoes get processed along with the rest. So, no green allowed, but everything else is good to go!


SHUT IT DOWN! one got through…trash the crop.


It’s like real life Fruit Ninja!