Bagels that look they're made from fluorescent Play-Doh


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What kind of dyes/colorants are they using?


Why on earth would you ask that?

[note sarcasm}


I bet it still looks exactly the same 6 to 8 hours later down at the other end.

(ok, there’s no subtle way to do this. Poop!)


Due to the well-known decorum of the BB-BBS commentariat who always observe a modicum of deportment and a maximum of subtly, should we not drop the ban-hammer upon thee?


No. This thread is shitty enough.


You should know, you’re the only one here who’s actually regular.


How do they taste? That’s all I really want to know. Some people say they eat with their eyes but I’ve never actually seen that.


I’m just saying, don’t go complaining to the mods like some Stool Pigeon.


Cotton Candy on a bagel? I just found my new Totally Legitimate Breakfast


Even if I did, they’d probably just poo-poo the whole issue.

Anyway, the last thing I’d want is for someone to be forced out until we get to bottom of the problem.


subtle enough?


I totally missed that video the first time around:

I have seen the .gif a few times, and finally looked it up. Thanks!

You little shit.


GAGS and barfs in mouth, a little



What is this from. I MUST HAZ IT!!!


see @OtherMichael’s comment a little bit earlier


Mmmm… artificial coloring, nothing unhealthy about neon colored food!


Cancer-causing? Endocrine-disrupting?


pfffft! don’t be such a square!

#Better Living Thru Chemistry!