Something Awful receives legal threat over hotlinked image of Hitler fan


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And now that “Protected” image is part of a legal document, and is a key part of a newsworthy discussion. It’s still covered by copyright, but Fair Use means we can share that image widely.


For now.


Everything about this is correct save for your omission of a gratuitous re-posting of the image in question


I think I like being completely correct. :slight_smile:
Copying the image may or may not be fair use - depends on what you do with it. Linking to this article will always be fair use.


Hello, fellow Goons!




Thanks to this law firm, someone could cause trouble for any website they dislike but hotlinking a client’s photo in a comment.


Not the first time ignorant idiots have tried to sue over hotlinking. Wasn’t that a part of the EU’s internet dumb ass laws they tried to pass?


I think Cliff Yablonski should have sent the rebuttal letter.

I mean “Lowtax” seems to be channeling him but still.


Shame he had to spoil it by dunking on Ms Laurant’s first name.


While I’ve never been a fan of Something Awful*, I wish them the best of luck at slapping this challenge down hard.

I can dig lawyers going turbo-lawsuit over images, but seriously- going after a site for a hot-linked image is so 2004. That’s just Internet 101.


I’m looking forward to seeing the defense team demonstrate beyond all reasonable doubt tgat the suit itself is frivolous, certainly harassment and possibly even fraudulent. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those idiots got slapped with enough punitive damages that they went bankrupt?


I liked the part where when the news first broke, a goon uploaded the Hitler image to be the logo for the firm on Google Maps.


keep in mind the fact it’s live means they still haven’t made a DMCA complaint to imgur. It generally looks bad to a judge if you don’t even attempt to mitigate damages.


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I think those lawyers asked us to send them an email…


Not just a clever website name.


This should be good.

About the only time I’ve seen the goons walk away from a fight was when, through a comedy of errors, Something Awful’s crummy IP space ended up on the SPEWS spam blocklist, and someone else weirdly used it to block HTTP. Since there was no way to contact SPEWS, the goons decided that attacking the newsgroup was the thing to do.

It didn’t take them too long to figure out that was a really bad idea.


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