Top Euro court: No, you can't steal images from other websites (too bad a school

The implications of this case are huge. Stuff like Discourse would now be legally difficult to host in Europe, given the software’s auto-grabd-and-rehost tendencies.

@doctorow , any word from the EFF?

@codinghorror will this have any effects on the design of Discourse?


I knew this had to be a case from Germany.

They are the only country I know where you have lawyers specialising in chasing up this sort of stuff.

Also, yay to for posting a link to the actual judgment.

I don’t know that they are really. Nothing has changed. This was always the law. Most people (including me) just ignore it, most copyright holders don’t follow it up in most cases.

Some do.

Until and unless we fundamentally change the copyright systems so that anything posted on the web is automatically fair game or lock everything down so that it is impossible or at least prohibitively difficult to copy an image without having the relevant person’s consent, we will have this issue.

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